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An herbal poultice is an invigorating skin treatment that improves circulation and rids your body of impurities while stimulating your senses. Essential Aesthetics and Laser in Charlotte, North Carolina, creates personalized herbal poultice treatments to meet your specific skin care needs and beauty goals. To learn more about the herbal poultice treatments, call today.

Herbal Poultice Q & A

What is an herbal poultice?

An herbal poultice is a special paste consisting of herbs, plants, and other substances that contain natural healing properties. The use of the special blend of ingredients may decrease inflammation or support the healing of an infection or wound. 

At Essential Aesthetics and Laser, the herbal poultice is a form of skin care therapy that many report as feeling absolutely glorious. 

Using a unique combination of all-natural, organic ingredients, your herbal poultice at Essential Aesthetics and Laser improves circulation and rids your body of impurities while invigorating your senses.  

Essential Aesthetics and Laser may recommend an herbal poultice to reduce inflammation caused by acne or to tighten and tone your skin to restore a more youthful look. 

What are the ingredients in an herbal poultice?

Your herbal poultice skin therapy at Essential Aesthetics and Laser contains a combination of restorative ingredients. The herbs, plants, and substances used in your herbal poultice depend on your skin care needs and beauty goals. 

Common ingredients in an herbal poultice include various botanicals such as:

  • Java apple leaf
  • Ivy gourd leaf
  • Hibiscus

Your herbal poultice may also contain aloe vera, Epsom salt, or coconut oil. 

What happens during an herbal poultice?

Before recommending any treatment, an aesthetic specialist at Essential Aesthetics and Laser conducts an in-depth evaluation that includes a review of your skin concerns and goals, medical history, and examination of your skin. 

Based on the information gathered during the evaluation, your aesthetic expert creates your personalized treatment plan, including the details of your herbal poultice.

Depending on your skin care needs, your specialist may suggest combining an herbal poultice with other skin care therapies such as a Gua Sha fusion. 

A form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha fusion is a medicinal massage aimed at moving your life force, or qi, to restore balance and health. The relaxing strokes used during a Gua Sha fusion activate your lymphatic system to accelerate the removal of toxins and impurities and increase blood circulation to the skin. 

Both the herbal poultice and Gua Sha fusion are natural skin care treatments that restore your natural, youthful glow. 

To learn more about herbal poultice skin therapy at Essential Aesthetics and Laser, call the office.