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If you’re unhappy with thin or pale lips and desire a more aesthetically pleasing smile without the hassle of lip pencils or lipstick, a simple cosmetic solution is available at Essential Aesthetics and Laser in Charlotte, North Carolina. The experienced aesthetics specialists offer lip blushing, which is semi-permanent lip makeup that creates the appearance of fuller, healthier, more colorful lips without injections or downtime. Call Essential Aesthetics and Laser to schedule a lip blushing consultation or book an appointment online today.

Lip Blushing Q & A

What is lip blushing?

Over time natural lip color can fade from sun damage, age, and chemicals. Lip blushing is a cosmetic procedure that uses a tattoo gun to apply semi-permanent makeup to your lips and enhance their appearance. It’s a simple process your provider uses to:

  • Deepen lip color
  • Define your lip lines
  • Create fuller-looking lips
  • Enhance lip shading
  • Hide lips scars
  • Replace lip fillers

Your aesthetics specialist helps you choose a shade that best matches your needs based on the current color of your lips and your preferences. Doing so allows you to achieve healthy-looking, beautiful lips without applying lip liner or lipstick.

What should I expect during treatment?

After a thorough consultation, your provider at Essential Aesthetics and Laser lets you know if you’re a good candidate for lip blushing. Prior to the procedure, she applies a numbing cream to the skin to enhance comfort. Your provider inserts organic pigments into your lips with modern, digital technology that shades, lines, and deepens lip color.

Because of the numbing cream, you shouldn’t experience any pain, but you might feel slight pressure during the procedure. Your appointment can last about two hours, depending on the look you desire.

What happens after the procedure?

It might take 4-5 days after the procedure for your lips to heal, with optimal results appearing in 10-30 days. There’s no downtime after treatment, so you can resume normal daily activities right away.

Your provider may recommend using a lip ointment to keep your lips moist after treatment and enhance healing. A touch-up visit 1-2 months after the initial procedure can help maximize results. Your aesthetics specialist lets you know if you’re a good candidate for a touch-up and when to schedule the appointment.

How long does lip blushing last?

Healthy-looking, full, colorful lips from lip blushing might last 1-3 years or longer, unlike lip fillers that require touch-ups every few months. If lip color fades over time, blushing treatments every two years can help you maintain aesthetically pleasing lips indefinitely.

In order to achieve the lips you desire, schedule a lip blushing consultation with an experienced provider at Essential Aesthetics and Laser today or book an appointment online.